3 Best anti-stretch marks creams for pregnancy

I’m six months pregnant, and I’m so afraid of stretch marks! That’s why I use an anti-stretch mark cream/treatment every day (even two times a day!), to prevent my skin from these marks. And until now, it has worked well!

Because I apply a lot of cream, I had the chance to buy and test many different products. Here are my three favorite ones.

#1 Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Description: Clarins’ exclusive crowberry extract helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy, puberty or weight fluctuations. Enhances the production of collagen fibers to boost skin’s elasticity and resistance to future stretch marks. Soothes and comforts tightness. Fragrance-free, paraben-free.

Why I like it: It’s creamy texture hydrates skin very well. Its fragrance-free formula is very convenient for early pregnancy nausea (impossible to tolerate strong odors)! My skin is very soft and comfortable. A couple of months ago (during winter), my skin was very dry. This cream was perfect!


#2 Elancyl Specific Stretch Mark

Elancyl Specific Vergetures Stretch Mark Prevention Smooth Cream

Description: Helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of emerging stretch marks. Due to its high concentration in safflower oil and marine extracts, the Specific Stretch Mark cream hydrates, nourishes and provides the skin with added suppleness while improving its elasticity. The unctuous yet non-greasy texture penetrates instantly. The cream is designed for use during puberty, pregnancy (as of the 4th month) or in case of important weight variations. Paraben-free.

Why I like it: I love the fact that I can dress immediately after application. I always forget I’m wearing a cream. Nice herbal smell. Easy to apply.

35$CA (sometimes, you can get the promotional size at 46$CA for 400ml).

#3 Bio Oil

Bio Oil

Description: Bio Oil is not a cream (its an oil), but it does not leave an oily layer on the skin and it’s a great product. I have already wrote an article about Bio Oil, so you can look at all the details. To see the article, click here.

Why I like it: Very economical, it absorbs completely into the skin (but use only 2-3 drops for all the belly surface), nice soft smell, paraben-free.


Do you have a favorite stretch mark cream?


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