Have you heard about Bio Oil, the popular oil with extraordinary properties?

This product was born in 1987 and has become extremely popular since then. Everybody’s talking about it, everybody wants it: it’s flying off the shelves!

But what is it exactly?

Bio-Oil® is a specialized skin product which helps the rid the appearance of scars, stretch marks and discoloration. This hi-tech product contains an oil called PurCellin (trademark) which is a revelation in itself…So, Bio-Oil can also be an effective treatment for other skin complaints such as aging or dehydrated skin. What’s more, it’s non-comedogenic even though it’s an oil, hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skins. This product has everything!

Why is this product so popular?

I discovered this product when one of my pregnant friends was using it to prevent stretch marks. She’d heard about it from someone else. Word of mouth has been great advertising for this product because it’s a multi-tasker, gives great results and is not expensive. Many people say it’s the best product for stretch marks. What’s more, it smells nice and it softens and smoothes the skin without leaving an oily residue like other products may do (it absorbs completely into the skin).

What’s in it

Made from a mix of pure oils with numerous properties such as calendula, lavender, rosemary, camomile and the famous PurCellin (exclusive), Bio Oil contains also Vitamin A, Vitamin E and other powerful ingredients. It took 10 years to perfect the formula.

Its effectiveness

We hear many women saying they have achieved spectacular results with their stretch marks, scars, beauty spots, freckles etc. It makes you wonder how just one product can do so much. The company did many tests to prove the effectiveness of its product. For scars, 65% who took part in the study saw an improvement in only 4 weeks. For stretch marks, it was 50% in 8 weeks. For irregularities in the complexion, it was 93% in 6 weeks. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, the study is still being conducted. Obviously, as with all cosmetic products, some people get better results than others but one thing is certain: you’ll certainly get a softer, more hydrated skin and smell nice as well!.

My opinion

I used a whole bottle of Bio oil as a moisturizer during the winter for my dehydrated skin. I found it very economical because just one drop was enough for my whole face (if you use too much, you get an oily look). The product was absorbed completely and my face was well-moisturized. I was a little reticent to use an oil since I have combination skin, but it didn’t make my skin oilier. My dehydrated skin improved greatly. However, I didn’t see the difference with my acne scars and I don’t have stretch marks so I couldn’t test this aspect. I know many people who use it. Some used it during their pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but none of them have stretch marks on their stomach now (they all gave birth since). Other people I know used it as an anti-wrinkle cream and they certainly saw a difference.

In general, I think it’s a great product. You don’t have to buy outrageously-priced anti-stretch mark creams which often contain parabens, or even expensive anti-aging creams.

Even if it’s advertised as a miracle product on Internet, I don’t really believe in miracles, but I think it’s a good product and you should try it.


Around 13$CA / 9€ for 60ml

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