Summer is finally here! Unexpectedly, without a warning, the weather got warmer than ever and the full sunshiny days of the most beautiful season were back. The change was so sudden that we probably didn’t have time to prepare our skin and this winter dark days left us with a skin the colour of a celery! 😉

As a beauty junkie, makeup artist and wannabe golden girl (with a porcelain white natural skin), I’m so glad I got to discover the new and fabulous Biggy Bronzer by Annabelle cosmetics. I have to be honest and tell you, dear readers, that I was hooked with prestige line bronzers for many years and could not live without my Clarins, Watier and Lauder bronzing powders. I have to tell you that I was really skeptic in trying the Annabelle bronzer but I’m so glad I did! The name says it all because the lovely compact is really huge. You definitely need a big brush to swipe all over the different colours of the compact and make sure you accentuate your forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones with the darker shades. I love to use the lighter shades as eyeshadow and highlighters. Its so perfect for lazy summer days when you just want to look natural, fresh and healthy, right after your moisturiser and all you need is a little mascara and lipgloss and there you go! You are ready for a fabulous day!

Believe it or not, you can get the fantastic Biggy Bronzer for only 11,95$ in all drugstores. Even the price of this product is refreshing, especially when you consider that my other favourite bronzer was Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder at 40$! Now everybody can look naturally tan (even men use bronzer now!) without breaking the bank and save for a great sunblock protection to go under that bronzer.

And last but not least, really good news for Annabelle, Elle Quebec magazine just named the Biggy Bronzer on their list of favourite and affordable products, all categories included. From the stay at home mom to the teenagers starting to wear makeup, everybody gets to vote for that list of amazing beauty products and the # 1 choice and big winner was Annabelle beautiful bronzing powder! If all theses reasons are not enough to make you run to your favourite drugstore (also available online at and get the Biggy Bronzer, just take my words for it : trying it is believing it!

The Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder by Annabelle is formulated without paraben, perfume or gluten and is hypo-allergenic!

Have a wonderful summer looking fabulous!


AnnaBella xxx

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