The fashion for lash extensions began in Hollywood where anything goes in the quest for beauty. Now it’s possible to look like a star by visiting a specialised beauty salon.

The difference between false eyelashes and lash extensions

False eyelashes have been popular for a long time: they are composed of a fringe or sections of lashes that you glue to the base of your own eyelashes. They last for about a day or until you take your makeup off.
Lash extensions are like hair extensions. It’s quite a recent technique. The extensions are glued onto your natural lashes, one lash at a time, and the result lasts about 9 months before you have to remove them. It’s like a dream come true for women with short eyelashes.

How are they applied?

You should have them installed by an experienced technician who has followed a training programme. Choose your beauty salon wisely!

You lie down on a bed, close your eyes and two hours later…! An ultra-glamorous look that you didn’t think possible! What’s more, it’s painless, there’s no discomfort, nothing! The glue doesn’t come in contact with the skin and is formulated to be safe for the eyes and also non-damaging to the natural lashes. It’s waterproof, tear proof and sweat proof. The extensions are also very real-looking. They’re made of synthetic microfiber (polyester usually) but you’d swear they were real lashes. They have the same flexibility and comfort; you can totally forget them after a few hours. Usually you get 50 to 80 lashes per eye.

The result

Beauty salons tell us that they can give you a made-to-measure look. They can combine different lash lengths for a natural and realistic look. You can choose the length, the density and even the colour. The latter option is ideal for blondes and redheads who must constantly apply mascara. They can now leave the house without makeup if they’ve had darker lash extensions. Certain salons offer bright colours like blue or purple for those with eccentric tastes! The choice is yours!


You can buy some products like treatments to help the extensions last longer, protect them from makeup or maximise their effect. Ask your beautician.

For best results, do monthly touch-ups; the extensions are glued to your real lashes, which continue to grow and drop off, so inevitably each month the effect needs to be maintained.

When the extensions are in place, you should avoid waterproof mascara as well as oily makeup removers because they hinder the effect of the glue. The only mascara you should uses is a water-based and oil-free one.


Again, it depends on the salon and the region. The price varies a lot. But watch out for bargains! You can get disappointing results such as very stiff lashes with a totally unnatural look. There’s no certification for beauticians in this technique. Watch out for impostors! Your eyes are precious; don’t leave them in the hands of an amateur! Make some enquiries and shop around, you can expect to pay from 150$ to 300$ for a complete job. (It could be less for a mini-application) as well as a light supplement for touch-ups (around 40$). The price varies with the number of lashes and the application time.


There are lot of schools and lash extension suppliers. Technicians usually get their supplies from the school where they took their course. And these courses are pretty expensive! 

If you’ve tried it, please let us know what you think.

You can have a super sexy look all the time, even when you get up in the morning, with no makeup, it’s now possible!

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