How to choose the right eyeshadow shade for your eye color.

Choosing the right colour eye shadow can make all the difference.

Many people think that if you match your eye shadow to the colour of your eyes, you’ll get a flattering effect, but they’re wrong. Don’t use the same colour eye-shadow. It’ll make your eyes look dull.

So if you have green eyes and let’s say you really want to wear green eye shadow to match your outfit, use a different shade of green than your eye colour: for example, use emerald green or bottle green if you have light green eyes. You could also use two complimentary colours. For example, if you have blue eyes and you want to use blue eye shadow, use a shade of blue that is different from the colour of your iris (like navy or royal blue) and combine it with brown, gold or bronze. The result will be really pretty.

Here are a few suggestions for the best colours to wear with your eyes or to correct certain common problems.

Blue eyes
Coral, copper, orange, gold, bronze, yellow-beige, earth tones.

Green eyes
Plum, violet, copper, orange, purple, burgundy, reddish brown.

Brown or hazel eyes
Brown eyes have an advantage because you can wear practically any colour. But pink, blue, plum, violet, turquoise, emerald or charcoal will really bring out the best of brown eyes!

Red eyes
If you have a lot of red in your eyes, you should avoid plum, violet, copper, pink, orange, purple, reddish brown as well as all shades of green.
However, shades of blue, (especially navy), and neutral tones (warm brown, grey, beige) are recommended.

Dark circles
Eyes with dark circles should avoid blues, violet, grey, purple or burgundy but using a good concealer with average to total coverage will allow you to use any colour you wish.

So what colour eye shadow do you usually use? What are your favourites?

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