Creams with a “Botox” effect

Have you heard about the Botox effect? They say you can get it with miracle ingredients now found in certain anti-aging products on the market. Products are described as having the “Botox effect” more because of the popularity of Botox itself than because of any accidental relationship with the botulic toxin found in those famous injections. However, the Botox-Like product, which is not injected but applied on the skin, creates a similar effect to Botox. We also call it « Botox in a jar”. It’s probably more accurate to speak of Botox effects rather than real Botox. In fact, real Botox relaxes the skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. I’m not a biologist or a chemist so I can’t explain the scientific aspects of this phenomenon but I can tell you what I know.

In fact, Botox is a muscle relaxer which smoothes out your wrinkles. So a cream with the Botox effect is a cream which relaxes wrinkles on the surface. Don’t expect such spectacular results as with real Botox, but several people have seen a difference and are satisfied with the results after 3 months use of a Botox-like ingredient.

Several ingredients can be called “Botox-like »..
Certain kinds of peptides for example.

“Peptides are short polymers of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds”*. Peptides are natural so you don’t need to worry about the presence of chemical products in their composition.
In fact, peptides stimulate the body’s natural collagen production which means that they diminish wrinkles. They’re also rather small particles and they are easily absorbed more deeply into the skin which makes them more effective.
There are several types of peptides. Their name depends on the number of amino acids. You can find a lot of different ones in the various anti-aging products.

Peptides are also, along with Retinol and hyalorunic acid, the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredient on the market today. The ideal cream would contain peptides, retinol and hyaluronic acid. And many companies have products containing these three ingredients. But in fact, peptides are more effective than retinol and less irritating.

So if your cream contains peptides, you have a great anti-aging cream. It’s often more expensive because peptides are costly to produce.

Some other ingredients are sold as having a “Botox-like” effect. There are lots of brands who claim this effect because consumers seem to be drawn to this aspect. But to get visible effects, go for peptides, such as Octopeptide and Hexapeptide.
Here are some examples:
-The Canadian company Dermaglow uses Hexapeptide-8 in several of its creams as well as a lot of other different kinds of peptides.
-The Lierac Exclusive range uses Relaxor Bx Complex, supposed to have a « Botox-Like » effect. Does this product contain peptides? Probably. The patches from this range are much appreciated.
-Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle uses Syn-ake, which penetrates the skin to block the sensory receptors, and thus reduces muscular movement. It imitates the effect of the poison of an Asian snake! I don’t know why but I really don’t feel like smearing that on my face!
-Sri-Vectin SD cream contains Striadil Complex, which accelerates tissue repair and elasticity. This is yet another complex which contains many different ingredients but assuredly a peptide.
-DDF brand, which markets Botox-Like creams such as Wrinkle Relax, as well as Estée Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum, contains Hexapeptide-3.
-The company called Revance Therapeutics Inc. is working on a topical gel with a real botulic toxin base. The product is still in the trial stage but the molecule is smaller than the original one which means it can penetrate the skin more easily. I don’t think this product will ever be sold over the counter but it’s worth watching.

My conclusion is that yes, these creams can help your skin to look better but don’t expect too much. It’s just a cream after all. No such product can give you the same result as an injection (some brands will tell you that their product is better than Botox. Come on, let’s not exaggerate………), or plastic surgery. But if you’re looking for an anti-wrinkle cream, you might as well get one that works, even if the effect is slight. But don’t re-mortgage your house to buy it!
*Source : Wikipedia

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