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Our entire product lineup has been meticulously crafted to serve as invaluable tools for beauty professionals, enabling them to effortlessly enhance their work.



At the core of our brand is a deep passion for Eyelash Extensions. This unwavering dedication has driven us to specialize in this field, and as a result, our products rank among the top sellers for lash extensions in North America.


Our mission revolves around providing cutting-edge professional hair treatments that are entirely free from harmful ingredients and 100% vegan.


When it comes to your clients' desires for visible results, our products deliver exactly what we promise. Transparency is deeply ingrained in our core values.

About SecretsID

Our Story

The essence of SecretsID lies in Isabelle's unwavering commitment to delivering superior, pioneering products, solidifying its standing as a trusted and reputable name within the beauty industry.

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Proudly Made in America

All our products are made in Canada and the United States. They embody the utmost quality attainable in the market. We exclusively unveil top-tier offerings crafted with the finest available ingredients.