About SecretsID

SecretsID was established in 2008 as a renowned French beauty blog by Isabelle Dallaire, a seasoned beauty expert with over two decades of experience. Isabelle's journey commenced as a makeup artist, beauty advisor, and sales representative, collaborating with diverse beauty brands.

Throughout her career, Isabelle amassed invaluable insights in the field and pursued advanced studies in marketing. Transitioning to the role of a makeup product manager, she later ventured into consulting for multiple beauty brands, exhibiting her profound expertise. However, it was her fervor for research and development that truly captivated her when she delved into the intricacies of beauty product formulation and ingredients while working at a cosmetic laboratory.

Isabelle consistently shared her wealth of knowledge through her beauty blog until 2013, when she embraced motherhood. Subsequently, in 2016, she transformed her passion for crafting exceptional formulations into a thriving business by introducing the SecretsID brand, specializing in bulk beauty products tailored for professionals. Every item proudly originates from the United States and Canada for the North-America market and United Kingdom for the Europe market, employing 100% exclusive formulas comprising solely top-tier ingredients.

The essence of SecretsID lies in Isabelle's unwavering commitment to delivering superior, pioneering products, solidifying its standing as a trusted and reputable name within the beauty industry.