How to apply makeup on dry skin

It can be more difficult to apply makeup on dry skin than on normal skin. There could be dead skin flakes or rough patches which stand out when you apply foundation, you could get a tight, dry feeling during the day, it can be difficult get a uniform or luminous result…the disadvantages are numerous but there are solutions to help dry skin-sufferers. Here are four essential steps:

1) Start with the basics

If your skin-care products are appropriate, you’ll have a good base for your makeup. A well-moisturized skin accepts makeup better. Be sure to use a good moisturizer and apply it twice a day, morning and night. Don’t go out without it. Don’t use harsh cleansers, and never use a bar of soap, use a cleansing milk or cream and remove it with a tonic or micellar water without rinsing.

The biggest problem is without a doubt, dead skin flakes. They don’t show so much without makeup but if you apply foundation, the flaky skin will be obvious. I don’t need to tell you that’s not a good look!

So you should exfoliate twice a week and then apply a moisturizing mask. Dead skin is dead so you can’t bring it back to life! Consequently, removing it is the best method. But go gently with the exfoliant: uses a light circular movement and don’t rub as this could irritate the skin.

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2) Use a foundation that’s right for your skin

A lot of companies make products specially designed for dry or dehydrated skin. These have a soft and comfortable texture and will give an extra boost to your moisturizer. Avoid powder foundations. Go for creamy textures, sticks or cream compacts. Suggestion: Lancôme Absolue Fond de teint. Some offer a luminous finish, highly desirable for dry skins which tend to look too matte.

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3) Use a cream blush

A powder blush can look patchy on dry skin and make your rough patches, lines and wrinkles look more obvious. It’s easy to use cream blush. Apply a few light dabs of product with your fingers and blend by patting or with little circular movements going upwards towards the temples. You can also apply it with a synthetic-bristle brush like a foundation brush. Suggestion: M.A.C Blushcrème.

4) Don’t use too much powder

If you must fix your makeup with powder, avoid matte powders and go for one with a radiant or luminous finish. Apply sparingly to avoid getting a chalky look: it can emphasize the look of your dry skin. Sweep it on lightly with a large powder brush; if you wish, you can just apply it on the t-zone. Another option is to spray on a fixing product. Some of them offer both protection and hydration. Spray over all the face and you’re ready!

To remove your makeup, always use products specially designed for your skin type.

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