Here is the step-by-step virtual makeover for Valérie (created with Photoshop on the same picture).

Valérie asked me for a sophisticated look, that suits her asian features.

Here is the “before” picture sent by Valérie with no makeup:

Virtual makeover Before



A light foundation with a yellow undertone would be perfect for her skin. I also suggest an illuminating concealer with a high coverage for her dark circles. She can also improve her face structure with a matte bronzing powder (she can correct her face shape by applying it on top of her forehead as well as on each side of her nose).



The sophisticated look is always the same: an illuminating light eyeshadow all over the eyelid (and the browbone too), and a dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, blended in an arc shaped movement, to create a “banana” shape (see the picture). Then, we blend the color outwards and continue the application under the eye, stooping opposite the pupil.

Eyeliner, kohl and mascara

To complete the eyes, a black eyeliner on the outer corner, along the lash line (below and above the eye), a black khôl on the “waterline” (inside the eye) and a lenghtening + volumizing mascara will be perfect.


Finally, because of the more intense eye makeup, I suggest to accent the eyebrows with an eyebrow powder. Too light eyebrow with a dark eye look may look unbalanced.



A natural, soft pink blush will give her a healthy look.


Usually, a sophisticated look is intense everywhere, but if she wants, she can use a more natural lipstick, like a soft pearly pink for example.

Soft Pink Lipstick

Soft Pink Lipstick

Dark Red Lipstick

Dark red lipstick

Before and After

virtual makeover beforeSoft Pink Lipstick

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