How to get the Cat Eye Look

The cat eye look is ultra-sexy and glamorous. It makes the most of your eyes to create an almond shape which is very feminine. Ideal for a first date!

To get it, you should have black liquid eyeliner, cake, gel or cream liner (in a pot), a black kohl pencil (for the inner lid), pearly or metallic pale beige eye shadow and black mascara.

Here is the technique in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Beige Eyeshadow

Step 1) Begin by applying the pearly pale beige or pearly white eye shadow all over the eyelid, blending upwards to the brow bone.

Cat Eye Look - Step 2: Eyeliner

Step 2) The most important step is applying the eyeliner. The line should extend to the outer corner of the eye and curl up slightly at the end. It takes practice but here are a few tips to make it easier:
Never stretch your eyelid, unless you have mature lids, because the line will not follow the exact shape of your eye and when you come back to the natural position, the line will be uneven.
Keep a neutral facial expression so your features look as natural as possible; try not to look surprised.
Make a few guide marks with your eye open before lining the eye closed. When the eye is closed, you can’t see where to make the little curl at the outer corner of the eye. This could cause the line to turn downwards and give you a sad look.
Don’t do the line all at once. This is where mistakes are made! Think of « painting by numbers » and line your eye in small sections.
Don’t forget to remove excess eyeliner from the brush or from the felt tip before applying. Too much product can easily spoil the line.
The line should be thinner at the inner corner of the eye and gradually widen towards the outer corner. To get this right, apply lightly at the inner corner and gradually increase the pressure towards the outer corner.
If you go wrong, try a makeup correction pen. This is an ultra-precise felt-tip pen which delivers just enough cleansing solution to correct mistakes and do touch-ups in precise areas. Suggestions: Mavala Make-Up Corrector Pen (9$CA), Kryolan (professional brand) Corrector Pen (13$CA), Sephora Makeup Eraser (15$CA).

Cat eye - Step 3: Khôl

Step 3) With your finger, pull gently on your lower eyelid to expose the narrow band of damp skin between your eye and your lower eyelashes. Fill in this area with the kohl pencil from the inner to the outer corner.

Cat Eye - Step 4: Mascara

Step 4) Apply several coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes to widen the eye and add drama.

To see a video of the cat eye technique, click on the link. On this video, I have included an extra step by adding grey eye shadow at the outer corner of the eye. This also works well with this technique. For now, the video is in french, but I’ll translate it soon…

Eye of a Cat

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