Madonna’s makeup for the MDNA 2012 tour

For my first article about celebrity makeup, I decided to talk about Madonna’s makeup for her 2012 tour because I managed to get hold of her lipstick and also because I love Madonna!

Here are some photos taken on stage during the show (I got these photos on Madonna’s official web site:

Photo 1: The Material Girl during her show on the MDNA tour.

Photo 2: I’ve no idea who the young woman on her left is but she has lovely makeup!

Madonna’s makeup has remained pretty similar throughout the years. This style suits her perfectly.

Complexion: Madonna still has clear, fresh-looking skin. A real porcelain complexion! You can see that her complexion is uniform with no blemishes. That’s normal, her makeup artist, Gina Brooke, is one of the best in the world. She added a delicate touch of slightly pearly pink blush, to highlight her cheekbones. And to accentuate the effect, the makeup artist shaded the hollows under the cheekbones with a darker color, probably a bronzer. You can see the effect even more when you look at the profile.

Photo 3: You can see all the makeup details when you look at her in profile.

Eyes: The feline look brings out Madonna’s magnificent eyes. Gina Brooke has created a “Cut Crease” effect with a taupe shadow (she emphasized the under-eyebrow crease). To see a demonstration of this technique, take a look at my video (Pin-up makeup). She then applied a pink shadow on the eyelid and probably an ivory shadow on the brow bone.

A fringe of false eyelashes was glued onto the upper lashes and a thick line of black pencil was applied right to the outer corner of the eye to create the « cat eye » effect. The pencil is Aqua Shadow # 0L Noir by MAKE-UP FOREVER, a waterproof pencil liner which is resistant to sweat and tears (perfect for a show). Finally, the eyebrows were accentuated, probably with a brow powder.

Lips: the showstopper (when you’re talking makeup) is the lipstick. This superb, ultra-glamorous, bright classic red was created specially for the show by Gina Brooke in collaboration with MAKE-UP FOREVER. It’s from the Aqua Rouge range, liquid long-wearing lipstick that you apply in 2 stages (first the color, then a gloss). If you wish to procure this lipstick, it’s the color #08, which will be available in September at Sephora or at MAKE-UP

I’ve tested Aqua Rouge #08 and I love it!

First of all, I was rather proud to wear the same lipstick as Madonna but that’s not all: you really do get a super-sexy look! What’s more, it has a 2-step, long-wearing formula which doesn’t dry out your lips. It’s very comfortable to wear and it’s really long-lasting. It can resist coffee, a smoothie and even a few bites of muffin. However, when I tried a hamburger, I realised that I’d gone too far! No lipstick can withstand a burger but even so, it was pretty successful. I even did the famous test with a glass of water. There was no trace of lipstick on the edge of the glass. It has my seal of approval! It’s obviously the perfect lipstick for a show as intense as Madonna’s!

So, how do you like Madonna’s makeup?

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