I had the chance to discover recently 4 new Astral Lip Glaze by Sephora and Pantone Universe line of makeup. I was so impress with the light texture and delicious smell, I wore this colour called “Chrysanthemum” all summer so far!

I know there are so much different kind of lipgloss out there but where the Lip Glaze is different it s in the multi-dimensional pigments with optical effects! As you can see on the picture below, as soon as light flash on the gloss…wow! You get yourself the most beautiful reflection of shimmer on your lovely lips! The 4 colours inspired by the Aurora Borealis to mimic the most natural light show are perfect for summer but I think you will definitely want to stock up on these ones because they make everybody’s lips so plump and voluptuous, even ladies with small thin lips can benefit from this lightweight texture that makes your lips so sexy!

From left to right: Chrysanthemum, Mauvewood, Arabesque and Brandied Melon.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Spectralight collection Astral Lip Gloss set swatches

I think what I like the most with this line of Lip Glaze is that the coverage is as good as a lipstick! Usually with products like lip plumping gloss, I find myself disappointed with the coverage being too light and the colour just barely there. Not with Pantone Universe Astral Lip Glaze! Just one application and you have a beautiful steady colour that will last many hours or until you eat something oily, then you will have to reapply. Containing oils and silicone, it never dries out and leave your lips soft and really comfortable. I think dear readers, you should give your local Sephora store a nice visit and indulge, you will not be disappointed!

Sephora+ Pantone Universe Astral Lip Glaze are sold for 29$ (set of 4 glosses). At any Sephora store near you!

Enjoy your summer with gorgeous lips under the sun and shine like a star!


AnnaBella xxx

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