Ombrelle SPF 60, because the sun is finally here!

As the month of June is almost coming to an end and I was really starting to wonder if we will ever see the sun again after so many days of rain, I’m happy to tell you about Ombrelle new SPF 60 for face & body. I think by now the brand Ombrelle does not need much introduction as being one of the best lines of sun care available in drugstores everywhere in Canada, at affordable price for every budget. In fact, since it’s introduction in 1990, Ombrelle is one of the most recommended sun protection by pharmacists and physicians.

The 3 new products from Ombrelle this summer are so easy to love for so many reasons…

Ombrelle SPF 60 Ultra Fluid Lotion

First, the Ultra-Fluid Lotion for face is so light, you won’t feel like the texture is too greasy or heavy on your skin. It penetrate really fast and most importantly won’t make you look like you are wearing a white mask! I had terrible experiences in the past with high level protection for the sun from 30 SPF and up that would make me look like I had put white paint all over my face! My skin was in fact radiant after 30 seconds and I was able to put my makeup on right away. The Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 60 being for all skin types and fragrance-free is a must for everybody who wants to enjoy sunshiny days without a care in the world. The Ultra-Fluid SPF 60 Lotion is available for only 16,99$ for a 50 ml.

Ombrelle Sport SPF 60 Waterproof Spray

My fiancé is Italian and tan as soon as he set foot outside and he’s been enjoying the sun at the beach and golfing all his life.The sun today is really not what it used to be in the 70 s and 80 s so I had the lovely task since we met of taking care of his skin, which he never did before! He totally love the Ombrelle Sports protection SPF 60, which come in spray and is the easiest thing to apply really fast before a game of volleyball on the beach or enjoying a long day of golf. I love it too because swimming is a passion of mine and let’s be realistic here, it’s annoying to always have to reapply lotions and creams every hours while your on vacation! You can get the Sports Protection SPF 60 Spray for 17,99$.

Ombrelle SPF 60 Waterproof Lotion for Kids

Now if you have kids, you understand the importance of protecting their sensitive skin from the strong rays of sun. The special Kids Protection waterproof lotion SPF 60 is perfect for every children in Canada! Let them play outside in peace because once applied to their tender skin, you don’t have to stress about reapplying every 5 minutes. The gentle formula of Kids Protection SPF 60 offers UVA\UVB protection for hours and is of course fragrance-free as well. A special mention also for the kids protection, the texture is so nice and light, I gave a bottle to my really sensitive skin mom who always complain that all creams are too heavy, sticky or greasy on her skin and she felt in love with it right away. She mentioned to me that once she put on the lotion she feels good and carefree!

I honestly think that most people love the sun and have to admit that it’s wonderful when the summer is finally here to warm up our skin and illuminate everything around.We just have to be more careful than ever and use the best sun protection available. Let the joy of summer barely 4 months if we are lucky!) begin and feel free to live life under the sun to the fullest…with your favourite Ombrelle SPF 60 products!
Happy summer and Good vacations to all of you!

Annabella xxx

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