Beauty addicts across the globe can now access the latest beauty trends from the catwalk, makeup tutorials, product innovations and shade finder technology at their fingertips from world’s leading cosmetic brand, Maybelline New York. Called Makeup Express, this very exciting app is available for Iphone and Android, in french and english.

My favorite feature is the shade finder. No need for a beauty consultant anymore. Users take a photo of their wrist or jaw line, answer two simple questions and instantly receive a recommendation for the shade of foundation best suited to their skin tone. Total time for the product consult? Less than 10 seconds!

Makeup Express uses friendly technology and delivers a personalized experience including intimate makeup tutorials with Grace Lee (Maybelline Lead Makeup Artist). Users will also be able to review all products and share feedback with their friends on social networks instantly.

Others features:

-M Interactive: The app turns still imagery instore into an interactive content experience. Users simply take a picture and instantly receive product information.

-Beauty Assistant: Allors users to search for specific products without the aid of a beauty consultant. The latest beauty trends are accessible with the tap of a finger to help in purchasing decisions, makeup lessons for easy, at-home application of new products, and a GPS store finder, allowing users to locate the nearest Maybelline New York retailer.

-Bckstg Beauty: features video content and exclusive spokespeople featurettes.

MAKEUP EXPRESS will be continuously updated with new functionalities and products. Maybelline is also exploring an expansion of the Shade Finder technology to include color categories!! Stay tuned!

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