BomaSense natural skin and hair care products have been developed for anyone who cares about their body, inside and out. That’s why I decided to try some of them, because I’m seeking more and more for purity in my beauty regimen.

BomaSense has been developed by a doctor to provide safe, natural products for people suffering from chronic diseases and those who are tired of commercial products that only smell and touch great, but contain harsh substances and high doses of preservatives that are harmful to their health.

Most people don’t know or realize that whatever you put in or on your body has an affect on the health and the way we feel. After many years of research and helping patients recover from different diseases, Dr. Brizman (the creator of BomaSense) launched a whole products line that contains ingredients derived from botanicals and essential oils, without the use of sulfates and detergents and that is safe and effective for anyone in any lifestyle and health condition.

The line contains 8 different product types: shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash, lotion, calendula cream, herbal healing salve, bar soap and lip balm. For shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, you can choose between 3 fragrances: unscented, mango or lavender.

I have tested the mango body wash and lotion.

The Liquid Body Wash contains green tea extract, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, calendula flowers, grapefruit seed extract and other natural ingredients. The Hand Face and Body Lotion contains aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, oilve oil, shea butter, grapefuit seed extrat and other natural ingredients.

I liked the fact that the mango scent is soft. The face and body wash is very liquid, so it’s easier to use a sponge especially in the shower. The skin is clean but it doesn’t feel dry or itchy after shower. The hand, face and body lotion is easy to spread and apply. The skin is soft without a sticky residue. It doesn’t leave a oily layer. It’s more like a very soft wax feeling, which is nice.

These products can be used every day and the prices are very affordable. For example, my two mango body products are 15$ each for a 266 ml bottle.

BomaSense products are cruelty free and are created with no animal testing.

You can buy the products online at

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