We’d all like to get a nice golden, long-lasting tan! But just sunbathing is not the way. Here are some tips to avoid turning as red as a lobster or as wrinkled as an old leather coat including also the way to get a tan that doesn’t peel or disappear in a few days.

1. Patience!

This is the # 1 secret for a nice, long-lasting tan.

Many people are impatient to get a tan when they see the first rays of the sun in spring. but being in too much of a hurry is the worst thing you can do.
The quicker you get a tan, the less time it will last.

If you peel, you’ll lose the outer layer of the tanned skin so by wanting to get a quick tan, you’ll risk sunburn.
A gradual suntan is less aggressive for the skin and will last longer.

If you’re shy about going to the beach with your porcelain-white skin, use a fake tanning product. But don’t forget that this doesn’t offer any protection so use sunscreen as well!

2. Sun = danger

Some people who want to tan quickly refuse to use protection or use tanning oil with an SPF of 2, 4 or 8.
These days, the ozone layer is thinner and it’s really important to use adequate sun protection. And don’t worry, the sun is so strong that even with an SPF of 30, you’ll still tan. It might take you a little longer to get there but it’ll pay off because your tan will last longer.

With little or no protection, you run the risk of getting skin cancer, dark spots and wrinkles.
And the other risk is getting sunburned so badly that your skin will never get over it. When you’re on vacation, what could be worse than having to stay indoors on a sunny day because you’re red as a beetroot?

It’s quite simple; you need at least an SPF of 30.
And as I mentioned « tanning oil » earlier, I’d like to say a word on the subject. Did you know that tanning oil, even if it contains a little protection, will literally make you fry in the sun? The same goes for baby oil. The oil attracts the sun and cooks you like a strip of bacon in the oven. This is the best way to get sunburned or develop a magnificent malignant melanoma…

3. The sun protection army

The key words are Discipline, Discipline, and Discipline! It’s like in the army but on vacation. Hmm, those two words, army and vacation, don’t go together LOL.

When you’re on vacation, you might have your head in the clouds or be in a slightly dreamy state, (could it be those Mojitos and Pina Coladas?) and you might forget to protect your skin.

You should apply sunscreen every two hours! And if you go swimming, you should re-apply it afterwards. In fact, you could say that you spend the day rubbing cream into your skin. Yes it’s a bit of a bore but you’ve got to do it! So if you don’t like doing it, wear clothes that cover your body and a big hat. In fact, you should always cover your head, even if you’ve applied sunscreen everywhere.

To be effective, the sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outside and not when you arrive at the beach. If you rely on it as a seduction technique, ask the good-looking barman at the beach to apply cream on your back only for touch-ups!

A well-protected skin is less likely to be affected by sunburn or even cancer.

4. In small doses

It’s better to sunbathe for a few minutes every day than spend the whole day tanning. If you get a tan this way, it’ll last longer and will look better. Say goodbye to peeling and sunburn.

And don’t go in the sun between noon and 14h. That’s when the sun’s rays are strongest and most dangerous.
If you’re really patient, stay in the shade. Even in the shade, you’ll still tan. Not so quickly of course but it’s a gentler way.

5. Get moving!

It’s nice to have an even tan! If you lie on your sun bed all day, some areas of your body, such as the sides, won’t get tanned and the result won’t look so good. So play with the kids, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, hula-hoop, Frisbee, take a walk on the beach etc. That’s the best way to tan evenly. And if you feel lazy, turn over regularly, front, back, sides. Raise your arms so that you don’t get a white stripe down each side.

6. Make it last

To keep your tan, you really have to take care of your skin. Sun-exposed skin dries quickly and becomes fragile. So moisturize twice as often as usual. Ideally, you should apply moisturizer after sunbathing. The next morning or after your shower (wait a few hours before taking a shower) apply a rich moisturizer. Your skin should stay hydrated all the time. After-sun products help the skin to repair itself, and are soothing and refreshing.

7. From the inside

You can help by treating the inside of your body as well. Fill up with vitamins and water. In the sun, the body becomes dehydrated so you should drink more often than normal. And I don’t mean alcohol. This creates the opposite effect, it dehydrates! So drink thirst-quenching liquids like water or iced tea. Of course, water is the best, it has no calories!

As for vitamins, eat plenty of fruit for vitamin C, vitamin E and lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants help the skin to protect itself from UV rays, protect against wrinkles and sunburn. You’ll find them in green tea, small fruits like cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc. And why not indulge in a nice cold smoothie made with real fruit?
You can also get lots of multi-vitamins which are especially effective if taken a short time before and during your vacation.

Have a great trip!!!

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