How to apply eyeliner: 10 easy tips

Applying eyeliner can cause headaches for many of us. It’s not an easy task to get it right the first time. You have to practice and even then, you shouldn’t have a shaky hand on the day because in that case, you’ll fail. So to help you, here’s a list of 10 tips to make the job easier and give you great results.

1) Never stretch your eyelid, unless you have mature lids, because the line won’t take the exact shape of your eye and when you come back to a normal position, the line will be uneven.

2) Keep a neutral expression and don’t distort your features: try not to look surprised.

3) Make a few guide marks with your eye open before drawing the line with closed eyes. When the eye is closed, we can’t see how high to make the little curl at the exterior corner of the eye and the line may point downwards, giving a rather pathetic look. You could also apply eyeliner with the eye half-open. It’s easier then to follow the shape of the eye.

4) Don’t draw the line all at once. That’s when we make mistakes. Do it like a painting-by-numbers and draw a little line for each section. You could also draw several little dots just above your lashes and join them up afterwards.

5) Don’t forget to remove excess eyeliner from the brush or the felt tip before applying. Too much product will easily spoil the line. If you don’t like the brush included with the product because it applies the line too thickly or simply because it’s difficult to handle, beginners could buy a tapered eyeliner brush to which they can apply eyeliner from the original brush (transfer the product).

6) The line should be thinner at the interior corner of the eye and widen towards the outside. To do this, apply light pressure on the brush at the beginning and gradually increase the pressure towards the outside.

7) If you make a few mistakes, try a corrector pen. It’s an ultra-precise felt-tip pen which delivers just the right amount of makeup remover to make touch-ups. Suggestions: Mavala Make-Up Corrector Pen, Kryolan (professional brand) Corrector Pen, Sephora Effaceur de maquillage and you can also get one from the Personnelle brand at Jean-Coutu. If not, try a pointed cotton swab (you can get them at several stores including Shoppers Drug Mart and M.A.C).

8) There are many kinds of liquid eyeliner. Try on different brands to see which suits you best. For beginners, I recommend a felt-tip which is easier to apply. If you want to try a brush, the thinner the brush, the easier it is to get a precise line.

9) Sit comfortably, if possible near a table or a dresser so that your elbow is resting on a surface. Your hand will thus be more stable.

10) Don’t get discouraged: the more you do it, the easier it will become and in the long run you’ll get great results. Practice makes perfect!

So what are your tricks for great eyeliner application? Do you find it difficult? Maybe you’re an expert?

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