How to get long, thick eyelashes

We all dream of having long, full lashes. But did you know that makeup can help you get them, just with a few simple tricks?

Here are 12 tips you could try:

1) Curl, curl, curl

It’s quite amazing the difference that simply curling your lashes can make! If, for example, your lashes point downwards, you can’t see how long they are. If you curl them, they’ll point upwards and you’ll be able to see their full length. Get yourself a good quality eyelash curler and begin by pressing lightly at the base of the lashes: gradually increase the pressure upwards (do it at several places along the lashes so that they’re curled all the way).

2) Apply eyeliner at the base of the lashes

Eyeliner or pencil, applied at the base of the lashes, can give the illusion of thicker lashes. However, it’s very important that the line is as close as possible to the lashes. If possible, you can fill in the space between the lashes. This is better accomplished with liquid eyeliner because it can fill in the spaces more easily.

3) Use different types of mascara

Take advantage of a lengthening mascara combined with a volumizing formula! Begin by applying a coat of lengthening mascara which will stretch out the lashes, then finish with a coat of volumizing mascara. It’s like the difference between a 2 in 1 shampoo (shampoo and conditioner) and a shampoo-conditioner duo. Your hair will be cleaner and silkier with the duo than with the 2 in 1 which only does half the job! A volumizing mascara won’t make you lashes look longer and vice versa.

4) Use a mascara base

There are many brands available. Mascara bases (often white) give a lot more volume and lengthen the lashes even more. You’ll often need only one coat of mascara. Try it; you’ll see that you won’t be able to do without it.

5) Apply mascara with a zigzag movement

Almost all women apply their mascara with rapid upward movements. If you do it like this, your lashes won’t hold the curl. It’s up to you to take charge of the situation and decide how you want your lashes to look. When you apply mascara with a zigzag movement, the brush penetrates better between the lashes and tames them. Don’t forget to apply firm pressure on the brush: you’ll see a big difference!

6) Apply your mascara on both sides of your lashes

To get more volume and a better curl, apply the first coat as usual, then apply the second coat on the other side of the lashes (on top) curling the brush upwards. This will help your lashes to point upwards. You’ll get great volume if you coat your lashes 360 degrees!

7) Give your lashes a fan shape

When you apply mascara, place your lashes in the following way to give the illusion of length: the lashes on the outer corner should point outwards as far as possible and the lashes on the inner corner of the eyes should point towards the centre of the face. This should make a fan shape.

8) Let your mascara dry between coats

If the first coat is still wet, you risk getting sticky clumps. For a nice, well-defined fan of lashes, let the first coat dry. You’ll create more volume when you apply the second coat.

9) Apply some loose powder between coats

This old makeup trick will give you a lot of volume. As soon as you’ve applied the first coat, don’t wait for it to dry and apply some loose powder with a large brush, then apply the second coat. You’ll get great volume!

10) Comb your lashes

Use a small fine-toothed comb or a clean mascara brush and comb your lashes, before the mascara dries, to separate them and avoid clumps.

11) Use sections of false eyelashes where needed

For a more dramatic look, sections of false eyelashes can help a lot. They’re a lot easier to apply than regular false lashes because they’re in small clumps of 2 or 3 lashes and you can place them where you need them. The resulting look is more natural than with regular false lashes.

12) Renew your mascara often

Old mascara never gives good results because it makes clumps, lumps and bumps! It won’t stick to your lashes. Toss your old mascara after 2 months and get a new one!

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