How to apply blush

Blush flatters your face, gives radiance and colour, makes you look healthy, and gives your features structure. If it’s badly applied however, you’ll get the opposite effect. Here are a few tips to help you get that impeccable look.

1) Choose the right colour

You should choose a colour that matches your complexion. Avoid too-dark shades which look over made-up and unnatural. You’re looking for a healthy glow so go for a natural colour.
If you have wrinkles, look for a matte finish. But if not, then you can choose any sort of finish. It can be luminous but don’t go for the glitter effect; keep it natural.

2) Get yourself a good-quality brush

Forget the brush that comes with the blush compact. It’s too small and will make streaks so the effect won’t be blended properly. Blush should never be a straight line. It was fashionable about thirty years ago but today, a blended look is more desirable, and that’s why the ideal brush should be flexible and round, not too flat. Not too thin either. If it’s thicker, but still thinner than a powder brush because you need more precision, it’ll help you to blend the colour on your skin. Always go for a brush with natural hairs, not synthetic.

3) Shake that brush!

Before applying, dip your brush in the colour and then shake it by tapping it on your hand or the edge of a flat surface to remove excess product. This way, you’ll avoid streaks.

4) Smile!

To highlight your cheekbones, smile in the mirror. It’s a good way to start the day! Apply the blush on the prominent part of your cheekbones.

5) Go round in circles

Begin making circular movements with the brush before doing the whole cheek, this way, you’ll avoid streaks. Then go over the cheek, still using circular movements, and go upwards towards the temple. Don’t go below the hollow under the cheekbone; if you go upwards, it’ll give a lifting effect and make you look brighter.

If your blush is highly pigmented, you can do it the other way round and start near the temple. This way, your cheekbones won’t stand out so much. But to be certain, do a test on your hand before, to see how intensely-coloured your blush is before applying directly on the cheek.

Get more prominent cheekbones

Professionals often use this technique to create a high cheekbone effect. Find the hollow under the cheekbone and apply a darker shade here, such as a bronzer, with an upward movement. Then apply a luminous highlighter on the cheekbone itself. This technique is ideal for people who don’t have any cheekbones to speak of, or for parties or photo shoots.

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