Your lipstick reveals your personality

I’m not sure whether the way you use your lipstick really reveals your personality but it’s fun to see if there’s any correlation! It’s a bit like numerology or astrology. This kind of little psycho-test is nothing new but a friend recently showed it to me and we had a lot of fun comparing our styles.

So to amuse you, here are the 8 most popular ways that women use their lipstick (sorry all you gloss users ;o), and a brief description of the personality traits that go with each one. Unfortunately I don’t have the reference or the source so I don’t know if it was a psychologist or a makeup artist who wrote this but I think there may be some truth in it somewhere. Important; start with a bevel-cut lipstick.

Type 1: The end of your lipstick stays the same shape as when you bought it (whatever the original shape)

lipstick shape 1

-You obey the rules
-You don’t like to attract attention
-You are rather reserved
-You are a great admirer or others
-You have a well-structured schedule
-You’re serious

Type 2: The end of your lipstick is a uniform dome shape

lipstick shape 2

-You’re an easygoing person
-You’re even-tempered
-You’re likeable
-You’re a peacemaker
-You’re generous

Type 3 : The end of your lipstick is a perfect diagonal

Lipstick shape 3

-You’re enthusiastic
-You don’t like fixed schedules
-You’re opinionated but open-minded
-You’re selective in your choice of friends
-You like to convince others
-You like to be noticed

Type 4: Your lipstick is rounded with a pointed end

Lipstick shape 4

-You’re creative
-You’re energetic
-You’re optimistic and enthusiastic
-You chatter a lot
-You like people to notice you

-You’re helpful
-You fall in love easily
-You don’t like to stick to schedules but you really need them

Type 5: The tip of your lipstick is concave with a pointed end

Lipstick shape 5

-You’re an amiable person
-Your family is important to you
-You like to tell people what to do
-You’re competent and efficient in your work
-You’re stubborn
-You have a tendency to exaggerate
-You like to be surrounded by friends

Type 6: The end of your lipstick is flat like a lip balm

Lipstick shape 6

-You’re straightforward
-You think appearance is important
-You’re conservative
-You’re quick-witted
-You stick to your principles
-You need people to approve of your choices (Ceci ne concorde pas avec le trait precedent!)
-You’re trustworthy
-You like challenges

Type 7: The end of your lipstick is concave

Lipstick shape 7

-You’re perspicacious
-You make friends easily
-You can be indiscreet
-You’re dynamic
-You like to investigate, as a detective would.
-You have a complex personality
-You like to ask questions
-You’re brave and dashing

Type 8: The end of your lipstick is pointed

Lipstick shape 8

– You’re curious
-You’re faithful
-You have a good sense of your own importance
-You like easy solutions
-You’re witty
-You like attention
-You love life in general
-Other people find you mysterious

So which type are you? Does the description sound like you? I’m a type 4 and I think the description suits me: maybe we should look at this more seriously after all!

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