Bulk Eyelash Extension Primer - Instructions

You have just received your Bulk Lash Prep - Eyelash Extension Primer and you are wondering how to use it and how to fill the empty bottle? 

Here is a quick step by step guide to help you.

  1. Unscrew the black cap from the bulk bottle. 
  2. Peel the security seal.
  3. Screw back the black cap.
  4. Unscrew the silver fine mist spray from the small natural bottle.
  5. Take the bulk white bottle, open the flip top and use the orifice to fill 3/4 of the small bottle with the bulk primer.
  6. Screw back the sprayer or put the dropper plug by firmly pressing it into the small bottle hole until you ear a "click". Then screw the white protective cap on top of the dropper plug.
  7. Take a swab applicator and apply with the Lash Prep - Eyelash Extensions Primer. Take another swab applicator, and sandwich the lashes between the swabs, coating all of the natural lashes with primer. Gently sweep one applicator at a time to remove all residue and dirt. For best results, lashes should be fully wet. Let dry completely (you can use a mini fan or a lash air blower), then delicately brush lashes with a disposable mascara brush. 

Here's a video overflowing with insider details, for those aspiring to ascend to the pinnacle of Lash Primer expertise:


If you have any question regarding your new Lash Prep, please don't hesitate to write to us here: CONTACT US!