Airbrush makeup (photo: Luminess Air)

The artistic technique of airbrushing has been around for quite some time. But airbrush makeup is more recent and is now becoming more and more popular. Professional airbrushing has existed for a while but home airbrushing is quite new and is now easier than ever to do yourself.

It used to be very expensive to buy airbrushing equipment and you had to take a special course, but trends being what they are, you can now get home airbrushing kits.

What exactly is airbrushing?

It uses an air-booster system to spray specially-designed pigments in an ultra-fine mist on the skin. These pigments can be any colour. You can get formulas for foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and eye shadow.

You get a nice uniform finish for the complexion, for the eyes, a nice layered effect and for the cheeks, a natural blended look. Sometimes templates are used for the eyes to limit the application to certain areas.

Advantages of airbrushing

If you’ve ever seen someone who had their makeup done by airbrushing, you’ll certainly have noticed the uniform, ultra-natural, adjustable (light to opaque) results and the biggest advantage………..LONG-LASTING!!

It’s ideal for brides because they want a natural look which nevertheless covers all imperfections and lasts all day and night.

As for the disadvantages, well, it’s quite difficult to do and you need practice. You have to change the way you do your makeup and take plenty of time to practice the technique. Take eye shadow for example, in some cases you have to use a template and most of us aren’t used to this method. But it’s definitely worth it!


Here are 2 examples of popular kits, available to anybody, not just professionals. You buy the machine first and then you can get the different cartridges you’ll need.:

Luminess Air

Luminess Air Airbrush makeup system

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

Temptu Airbrush makeup system

But there are plenty of other brands.

Have you tried it yet?

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