How to apply makeup on oily skin

People with oily skin often complain of difficulties in applying makeup because of their skin type. The makeup runs, doesn’t last, frequent touch-ups are a must, skin looks shiny, etc.

So here are a few tips to give you an impeccable look that’ll last all day.

1) Let’s start with the base

Using the right skin care products gives a great base for your makeup. If you use a moisturizer that’s too rich for your skin, you can apply layer after layer of powder all day long and you’ll still get a shiny look.

Oily skins need a light moisturizer, non-greasy, liquid or gel. Look for moisturizers that say “for oily skin” or “for oily and combination skin”. . Choose oil-free, mattifying or sebum-control products. You’ll get much better results.

For further advice on care of oily skin, please read my article: The difference between combination and oily skin.

2) Apply a primer

Primers are one of the most effective makeup products. As a professional makeup artist, I use them practically all the time. Primers improve the appearance of the kin and help your makeup last longer. Some even have a mattifying effect which prevents the skin from looking shiny.

3) Use a foundation for your skin type

Many companies have foundations for oily or combination skin. Choose non-greasy, oil-free formulas in liquid, mousse or powder form. Some have a mattifying effect which is great for oily skin. Suggestion: Clarins Teint éclat mat FPS 15 (around 28€ / 33$CA). There are long-wearing formulas too which help you to keep your makeup on your face !Suggestions: Estée Lauder Double Wear (around 33€ / 43$CA). Long-wearing foundations are really great for combination or oily skin.
Also, anti-acne foundations are good for those with oily skin who are prone to breakouts. Suggestion: Almay Clear Complexion (around 8€ / 12$CA).

For more tips on choosing a foundation, see the article : How to choose the right foundation.

4) Apply powder liberally

Powder fixes your foundation, makes it last longer and absorbs oil. The latter advantage is really important when purchasing powder specifically for combination or oily skin since such powders have an even greater mattifying effect. Suggestion: Rimmel Stay Matte (around 7€ / 7$CA).

5) Fix the whole look

I’m a big fan of spritzers which set the makeup on the face. Easy to use (you just spray uniformly all over the face), they help the makeup to last longer. Suggestion: MAKE-UP FOREVER Mist & Fix (around 30$CA / 19€), Clarins Fix’ Make-Up (around 16$CA / 24€).

6) Time for touch-ups

If after all my advice, your skin still gets shiny during the day, keep some facial blotting papers in your purse. There are many different brands at all price ranges on the market. These little papers absorb oil on contact with the skin without spoiling your makeup and avoid having to add another layer of powder. Suggestion: Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper (around 19 € / 17$CA).

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