Kohl or kajal

The kohl or kajal (synonym) pencil is indispensable to give the final touch to the Smoky Eye. This type of pencil is specially designed for the inner lid, on the skin located between the root of the lashes and the eyeball (called the “waterline”). It can give a lot of depth to your eyes, creating a sexy, feline look, diminishing redness and eliminating traces of fatigue. Why not try it?

Kohl has existed much longer than you think. Ancient Egyptians used it not only as a beauty aid but also to prevent or soothe eye infections and protect eyes from the strong desert sun. Later, it was used by the Arabs, Berbers and also in India. It was not then in pencil form but as a powder in which they dipped a little stick called a mirwed. They then placed the stick between the eyelids, closed the eyes and spread it outwards. Incidentally, Guerlain has reproduced this procedure with their Terracotta Kohl Loose Powder.

Of course you can also use kohl to line the outer lid but if applied on the inner lid, it will last longer, be more comfortable and cause fewer reactions. But don’t use a regular eye pencil for the inner lid: be sure to use a kohl formula; it’s specially designed for this area. A regular eye pencil can cause discomfort, blurred vision, reactions, redness etc.

If your kohl is in pencil form, just press down with a clean finger under the lower lashes; this will free up the area where you will apply the kohl. It will also pull it away from the eyeball so that you don’t injure it. Sharpen the pencil and wipe it on a tissue to remove lumps or dust left by the sharpener. A new pencil is difficult to apply, especially if it’s made of wood (Imagine the wood rubbing your delicate skin). Apply from the outer to the inner corner and re-apply if necessary.

Then close your eyes to make the kohl adhere to the upper inner lid. If you don’t have sensitive eyes and you’re used to it, you can also line the upper inner lid with the pencil but for beginners, it’s quite difficult to do because it tickles and the eye tends to close by itself…..

The kohl pencil is not for everyone. If you have small eyes, it’s not for you because it will make your eyes look smaller. An eyeliner pencil is therefore preferable.
But try it once and you’ll see whether it suits you or not.

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