This is one of the most complicated problems in makeup because you can’t just hide them; there is the volume to consider!

Here are a few tips to reduce them and conceal them with makeup.

1) If your eyes are puffy when you wake up, purchase a plastic eye contour mask containing a gel that you keep in the fridge. Place it on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. Make sure it’s in the right position over the puffy area. Some masks have an elastic strap to keep them in place and that’s ideal. You’ll feel the refreshing, decongestant effect.

2) Try to diminish the possible causes of puffy eyes such as water retention, stress and lack of sleep. Sleep on your back with your head raised, try to consume fewer liquids before going to bed, drink cherry stem herbal tea (ask your pharmacist if this product is right for you because it’s a diuretic), exercise regularly (especially cardio) and reduce your salt consumption.

3) Several eye creams have decongestant properties. Some work immediately whereas others take a little longer. Some even work on under-eye circles. It’s worth using them regularly; ideally you should apply morning and night.

4) You can also get eye patches which instantly reduce puffiness. They come in a pack containing 2 patches, tear open the pack and apply the self-adhesive patches directly under the eyes. The effect lasts from 6 to 10 hours and the results vary from person to person.

5) When using concealer, avoid stick or cake forms. They’re too thick and will accentuate your puffy bags. Go for creamy texture. I recommend that you buy two different shades of concealer, one the same colour as your skin and another half a shade lighter. Apply the one like your skin directly on the puffy area and pat to let it sink in (don’t rub it). Then apply the lighter shade just below the puff (the hollow and dark area) and again pat from left to right and then the opposite way. I recommend you use a concealer brush for this part. As it’s more precise, you’ll get a more even coverage and won’t go outside the area. This makes the under-eye circle look less voluminous.

6) Avoid powdering the area after using concealer. This gives an ageing, chalky look which will in effect make your bags look bigger. If you use eye shadow, apply it before the concealer so that powdery residue doesn’t fall on to the under-eyes area and stick to it. If you find that your concealer doesn’t last without powder, get a long-wearing concealer. Yes, they do exist!

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