You have a party coming up but you’re reluctant to spend an hour battling with a pair of false eyelashes? Don’t worry; here are some tips to make the task easier and give you the glamorous look you see in fashion magazines!

1) Glue
The right amount of glue makes a big difference. Too much glue will make a mess, make your eyelids stick together and will take an age to dry. Not enough glue and your false lashes won’t stick to your skin and might even drop off into your soup!

How do you apply the right quantity of glue?
You have two possibilities: you could use a cotton swab (or a small wood stick) soaked in glue and swipe it along the false lash or you could spread a fine layer of glue on the back of your hand or a plastic surface and lightly dip the lash in it.
I recommend that you wait at least 5-10 seconds after applying the glue on the false lash before sticking it to your eyelid. When the glue is too runny, it doesn’t adhere well. It should have a stickier texture in order to adhere instantly..
By the way, my favourite lash glue is the Duo brand. It’s easy to use, sticks quickly, is fine for sensitive eyes and comes off easily too.

2) The right position
I recommend that you take some measurements before applying the glue. If the lash is too long, it’ll go beyond the edge of the eye and will be uncomfortable. You can cut the ends with small scissors if it’s too long (cut the longest part).
Glue the lash as close as possible to your natural lashes. You should not be able to see a space between your own lashes and the false ones.

3) Applying the lashes on the inner corner of the eye
This is the most difficult part of the eye to get right, so start here.
Go gradually, a small section at a time, pressing down on each section.
My own personal technique is this: when you’ve got the right measurements, the glue is on the false lash and the waiting time is over, I begin by gluing the middle of the false lash in the centre of the lid by lining it up with my iris; then I press downwards on each half, beginning with the inner corner.

For your comfort
Be careful: if you want to feel comfortable throughout the evening, when you glue the lash in the inner corner, don’t close your eye completely. This will enable you to place the lash at the right place at the right height. Give yourself a surprised look by leaning your head backward and looking down into your mirror. You can pull slightly on your eyelid to place to ensure a better access to the inner corner af the eye as well as the short lashes.
I’d also advise you not to place the lash too far into the inner corner. Look at your natural lashes; they don’t go right into the corner. Line up the false lashes with your natural lashes. You don’t want to ruin a lovely party because your false lashes are getting on your nerves!

4) The right tools
Tweezers are your best ally. Your fingers are too big and will block your view when you apply the lashes. Use the tweezers to pick up the lash and place it on your lid. You could even use two pairs; one to hold the lash and one to press it on, but the one you use to press should be rounded, not pointed, so that you don’t hurt yourself.
Some makeup artists use a small wooden baton with a rounded end for more precision. It can be used to press the fringe of lashes onto the lid without getting sticky fingers.

5) Eye Makeup
Apply your false lashes after eye shadow because the powder could end up on the lashes. Use an eyelash curler before gluing on your false lashes so that there’s no demarcation between the false ones and the real ones, especially if your own lashes point downwards.
When your false lashes are well and truly glued on, (let them dry before doing the rest of your makeup), apply your liquid or pencil eyeliner over the lash strip to hide it. In fact, liquid eyeliner is better for this.
Then if you wish, you can apply a few coats of mascara on your false lashes, beginning at the root of your own lashes. Press on your lashes so that they mingle with the false ones. This way, the illusion will be complete.

6) Removing makeup
After you’ve spent the evening receiving compliments about your makeup, you’ll have to take off the false lashes. Soak a cotton pad in cleanser and press it onto the false lashes. Wait for the glue to soften a little, and then use the pad or your fingers to gently pull the lashes off. Don’t pull hard! If the glue resists, use a cotton swab soaked in cleanser and swipe it under the false lash at the same time as you remove it. There are also specially-designed cleansers for removing the glue. If you use false lashes often, this could be a good investment. But if you use my favourite Duo glue, you won’t need a special cleanser, it comes off really easily!

7) Still wary?
Applying false lashes is like eyeliner: it takes practice. If you’re still a bit doubtful, try sections of false lashes. Small clumps are easier to apply than a whole length because you can place them where you wish. You can also get half-lashes which you place at the outer corner. They give a sexy Marilyn Monroe-look and are more comfortable because they don’t extend to the inner corner.

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