What shade of lipstick should you wear?

It can sometimes be a difficult choice. Here are some tips to help you decide.


The first thing to consider is what you’re wearing. This doesn’t mean you have to match it exactly but you should first see if your outfit is in a warm tone (red, orange, earth tones, beige, yellow etc.) or a cool tone (blue, purple, pink, white, etc.) Your lipstick should be in the same colour family.

Thin lips

Avoid dark colours. Go for natural, luminous shades (pearly, metallic or frosted) to give the illusion or volume. Suggestions: beige, peach, light pink or bronze.

Full lips

You can use practically any colour, dark or light, if you want to emphasize your voluptuous lips, but go for a matte or creamy finish and avoid too-bright shades if you don’t want to make your lips look even plumper because you can have too much of a good thing…
Suggestions: Bordeaux, brown, copper, pink.

Wrinkled lips

If you have wrinkles around your mouth, avoid too-dark or too-bright colours because if your lipstick “bleeds” into the lines, your wrinkles will be even more obvious.
Suggestions: Beige, coral, pink, neutral.

Pale complexion

If you have pale porcelain skin, and light hair, certain colours can flatter your look and make you stand out. Go for natural shades like pink tones.
Suggestions: Beige, pink, peach.

Medium complexion

If you have medium-toned skin, you can choose from an infinite variety of colours. If you have dark hair, go for bright, luminous colours.
Suggestions: Red, pink, copper, brown, Bordeaux.

Dark complexion

Some colours just won’t show up if you have dark skin. Choose dark, highly-pigmented colours. Some brands have more pigment such as those designed for ethnic skin or professional brands (M.A.C, Make-Up Forever, Nacara, Fashion Fair, Iman, Black’Up, etc.). If you want a natural look, use a nice gloss just to give a bit of oomph or use pearly or frosted shades which will make you lips look more luminous.
Suggestions: Red, burgundy, orange, copper, coral, dark brown.

Small veins or rosacea

If you have small veins or rosacea, avoid red, orange or dark pink. If you really must wear one of these colours, use a good covering foundation and that’ll do the trick!

Yellow teeth

Don’t wear purple or plum shades if you have yellow teeth!

What shade of lipstick do you like? Which one suits you best?

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