How to curl your lashes

Many people dream of having beautiful curly eyelashes. Obviously, because curled lashes open up your eyes and make them look bigger. To get the look, here’s some advice.

1) Every woman should own an eyelash-curler!

I’m talking about a classic manual eyelash-curler. Heated curlers can help but not as good as the good old manual version. It can take practice but it’s definitely worth it!

The eyelash-curler should be used on clean, dry lashes. Don’t use it after applying mascara: if it’s dry, you could damage your lashes and if it’s still wet, you could end up with big, nasty clumps!

To use an eyelash-curler, you should begin as close as possible to the root of the lashes, without touching the skin, if not……OUCH! When I began my career as a beautician, I once happened to pinch a client and I swear that my heart stopped beating! Her eyes watered so much that all the makeup I had previously applied ran down her face and there was no way I could repair it. I was so traumatised that I swore it would never happen again! So, to avoid pinching yourself, do a little test by pressing very gently on the instrument to see if the rubber is touching your skin. When it’s comfortable, you can apply more pressure.

Another tip: when trying to get as close as possible to the root of the lashes, look downwards. It’s almost impossible to do it with the eye completely open. You have to make sure that the curler is parallel with your lashes.

So when the eyelash-curler is in the right place at the root of the lashes (without touching the skin), begin by applying pressure (not too much) and hold it for a few seconds (around 5 seconds). The longer and more firmly you apply pressure, the curlier your lashes will be. However, you shouldn’t do it too long; you may damage your lashes. When the base of the lashes is curled, release the pressure, stay in the same position, but go up a few millimetres with your tool and begin to apply pressure again. Do this right to the tip of your lashes.

2) The way you apply mascara can make a big difference.

Begin at the base of the lashes and make zigzag movements with the mascara to let the brush penetrate the lashes. Look downwards and apply upwards to give shape to the lashes.

Apply at least 2 coats with the same technique. More than one coat can give a much better effect than just one.

When you’ve applied the desired number of coats, before the mascara dries, take your index finger and place it on your lashes, pushing upwards to give a curved aspect; stay in this position until the mascara is dry (around 30 sec to 1 min).

3) The type of mascara you use will make a difference

Choose a curling mascara which has a formula and a brush designed to make your lashes curlier. Avoid volumizing mascaras which can weigh down the lashes.
Also, choose long-wearing mascara. This way, your lashes will stay curled longer. Tube mascara (like Blinc Mascara) is a good ally because it lasts a long time, creating a coating around the lash with elastomer which can last all day without smudging. Waterproof mascaras are also long –wearing.

4) Grandmothers’ tips

You often hear tips from friends or family members. These can be great for some but not for others. Try them without expecting too much. If it works: fine!

The first one is heating your eyelash-curler with a hairdryer. The heat will soften and groom the lashes. But make sure to touch the curler before applying it to make sure it’s not too hot; it could burn your lashes, your skin or even your eyes!

The second one is for penny-wise girls. If you don’t have an eyelash-curler and your lashes are long enough, you could use a little teaspoon. Place it with the rounded part against your lashes and pinch the lashes between the spoon and your finger. Then you should curve the spoon upwards as if you were curling a ribbon to wrap a present.

The third one is quite difficult to do but can give a good effect. After applying mascara, before it fries, take a slim pencil and place it behind the lashes (between the lid and the lashes) then with a clean mascara brush, brush the lashes from the root to the tip by pushing the brush against the pencil and following the circumference. You can do this several times. This tip is also good for separating the lashes and removing clumps.

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