As the leader in foundation, Clinique introduces Superprimers, a collection of lightweight face primers that create a smooth, perfected complexion before applying foundation.

An essential before your makeup, Clinique’s new customized Superprimers help prep skin so foundation can live up to its true potential.

The oil-free formula immediately perfect the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes and improves skin texture allowing foundation to apply more evenly and enhancing the staying power of all face products.

Clinique’s NEW Superprimers are available in one universal/colourless formula and five tinted formulas designed for specific skin concerns:

-Yellow: corrects redness

-Pink: corrects dull, lackluster skin

-Bronze: corrects ashiness and dullness on deeper complexions

-Peach: correct dark spots, acne scars and areas of hyperpigmentation

-Lavender: corrects sallow or yellowish skin

I have tried the universal version and I noticed a difference: my foundation lasted longer during the day and it was more uniform. My skin was softer and smoother.

Superprimers from Clinique are 100% fragrance free and allergy tested.

Available in a “squeeze” tube for 29$CA.

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