If you’re looking for a miracle product, stop here! But if your expectations are more modest, Facial Smoothies may have something to offer.


The product claims to produce results in as little as 30 minutes (more about that later), to create a clean slate for makeup, to be practically invisible so that you can wear the strips any time, and also, if you are a user, to heighten the Botox effect.

How it works

Choose the wrinkle you want to correct. Ease apart the skin on both sides of the wrinkle to flatten the crease. Press adhesive strip onto wrinkle. You can wear them from 20 minutes to 12 hours at a time.



After trying the strips for 30 minutes, I definitely saw an improvement. But the effect doesn’t last long. To get real benefits, you have to use the product for a longer period of time. After trying it for 12 hours, I could see smoother skin. The effect is of course temporary but someone who’s ready to persevere and be conscientious about applying the strips, could get beneficial effects.


The strips are painless and easy to apply. There’s a good result after 12 hours or overnight.


Not so good if the weather is hot. For example, on the upper lip, if you sweat, the adhesive is not effective enough. Better to use these strips during the winter months! Also, the claim is that you can wear it on the way to a party….. but what about your foundation, blush etc? Adhesive works better on clean, dry skin.


Good for patient people or if you just want to have a nice effect before a party!

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