If you have extremely dry and chapped hands and looking for a great hand cream that soften and protect hands, try The Body Shop Hamp Hand Protector. It’s probably the best hand cream on earth! It’s also The Body Shop’s best seller in Canada (2 million sold)! The Hemp line has been launched 15 years ago and is still very popular!

The cream contains community trade hemp seed oil that has an unusually high concentration of fatty acids that help to repair skin’s barrier. Skin is smooth and supple. Honestly, my hands have never been so soft, I love it! It’s my favorite hand cream. I use it when I go to bed and my hands are completely repaired very quickly.

The texture is rich and creamy and the fragrance is funny. It reminds me of hippies. It fits with the metallic packaging with a big hemp leaf on the front. I thing it’s interesting for both men and women because the look is neutral.

I like the fact that hamp is the active ingredient in the cream, because people often ask me about it when I use it outside home. Here are some interesting facts about hemp :

-Hemp grows 10 times faster than trees.

-Hemp is 4 time more effective at capturing carbon dioxide than the fastest growing trees.

-Hemp is naturally resistant to most pests and has a canopy so high and dense that it creates a challenging environment for weeds, therefore, we don’t need to use any pesticide or herbicides.

-The hemp canopy provides a natural shelter for wildlife and helps to restore soil for future crops.

-The Body Shop hemp plants are grown in England and are produced by small scale family farmers using traditional methods passed down through generations.

If you want soft hands, even after washing, try Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop. The cream is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil.

20$CA – Available online and in The Body Shop stores across Canada.

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