Im in love! I just discovered an amazing new product launched for Fall 2012 by Annabelle Cosmetic: the Twistup lipstick offered in 12 beautiful shades for all tastes and coloring.

Being used to buy and sell lipsticks and glosses from topnotch companies in department stores, I was incredibly surprise with the high level of quality of my lovely new lipstick in a stick!

This lipstick by Annabelle (found in any drugstores in Canada) is moisturizing without feeling greasy or too heavy. And it last! Its rare to find a combination of long lasting AND comfortable, nutritious AND vibrant.

I tried 6 shades: Royale, Breeze, Kinky Pink, Flirtini, Mai Tai et Absolute:

Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick 6 shades

On the picture, I am wearing my favorite shade in Kinky Pink and since getting that gorgeous colour, I cant wear anything else! I don’t even need to reaply after my coffee break or lunch, my lipstick is still there and my lips are super well defined!

Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick in Kinky Pink

Do yourself a favor and get one, you won’t be disapointed. Its so easy to wear and fast since you can easily skip the lipliner with this lipstick, unless you really care for a darker colour of lipliner, but I thought I did not need one, as the lipstick Twistup is already a crayon and a lipstick!

I got more lipsticks and glosses then I will ever need in my life but its my favorite makeup product so I will always be willing to try new exciting colours and textures. Annabelle scored big time with me with their lipstick in a stick so easy and really pretty. At this price ($9.95), you can’t afford to not have …at least one!

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