Ideal for tired eyes, ringed with dark circles, these simple tips will wake up your look so you’ll be cover-girl ready!

Step 1: Apply a light-reflecting eye-contour cream.

Do your tired-looking eyes have dark circles and bags? Using an anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness eye contour cream will be a great help but if this product reflects light as well, then your imperfections will be less visible and the dark patches will be brightened. To consult an article on the right technique for applying eye contour cream, click here.

Step 2: Apply a concealer/illuminating corrector.

As with the eye contour cream, a concealer which has light-reflecting properties will diminish traces of fatigue and will brighten up your eyes in general. To see how to apply concealer, click here. Suggestion: The famous Touche Éclat by Yves St-Laurent. Many other brands also offer their version (often at a more interesting price.).
If you have dark skin all around the eye then don’t hesitate to apply the corrector over the whole area (insisting on the inner corner, near the nose).

Step 3: Apply a pale, pearly eye shadow (or satin finish if you have lines and wrinkles).

It should be pink, lilac, beige, ivory, white or silver. I particularly like lilac because its bluish tone makes the white of your eye look whiter and diminishes redness. Apply all over the mobile lid.

Step 4: Apply a few touches of a brightening pencil or powder at strategic points.

These key points are: inner corner of the eye, under the eye and on the brow bone. Suggestion: Benefit Eye Bright Pencil.

Step 5: Apply a kohl pencil in white, pale pink, or lilac inside the eye.

This technique creates the illusion of extending the white of the eye and eliminating redness on the thin line of skin between the eyeball and the lower lashes.

Step 6: Curl your upper lashes with an eyelash curler.

This simple step really opens up the eyes. Downward-sloping lashes can make your eyes look heavy and create shadows. Upward-pointing lashes will expose your eyes and make them look bigger. To see how to curl your lashes, click here..

Step 7: Apply a defining mascara which matches your eye colour.

This kind of mascara will separate your lashes without creating clumps. It looks more natural. If you use a volumizing mascara, it might create a heavier, darker look whereas a defining mascara will open up the eye and give your look some punch. Go for a mascara which harmonizes with the colour of your iris. Blue eyes, go for navy or brown, green eyes go for plum, purple or brown and brown eyes go for black.

Step 8: Hold your head up high

Yes, seriously, this trick can give you a helping hand in brightening your look. If you walk with your head bowed, your eyebrow will create shadows but if you walk with your head up, the light will hit all the right spots!

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