Help for oily eyelids

I have several clients who complain of oily eyelids. They have a big problem with eye shadow as it never lasts more than an hour and runs into the eyelid crease. But don’t despair, here are some tips to help you with this problem:

1. A lot of the oil on your eyelids comes from your forehead and scalp

Yes indeed, the eyelids produce very little sebum. The law of gravity means that oil from your scalp and forehead runs down into your eyelids where it’s stopped by your eyelashes which prevent it from going into your eyes.
So you should wash your hair often, cleanse your face well and use both a matifying, seboregulating moisturizer and base on the forehead.

2. Avoid applying your eye contour cream on your eyelids.

You should only apply this under the eyes, on dark circles, bags and crow’s feet.

3. Use an eye makeup base

This will help the eye shadow to adhere and last, by helping to keep the eyelid matte.

4. Use powder generously

Powder your forehead and eyelids with a matifying powder that will absorb the oil before it gets to the eye shadow. Re-apply often during the day.
If you have some translucent powder (colourless), with a big brush, sweep on a light coating over your eye shadow and pencil, this will help your eye makeup to last longer.

5. Use powder shadow rather than cream form (for the same reasons as in no.4)

And don’t hesitate to apply the eye shadow thickly. The thicker the powder coat, the less chance the oil will have to get through it.

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