You’ve got a great party coming up but what happens? An unwelcome pimple appears on your face! But don’t panic! Makeup speeds to your rescue! Mission……….hide that nasty acne pimple!

First step: treat the problem

There are many spot treatments to help your pimple dry up. The best are salicylic acid-based (go for 2% and over). You can also get the ones with benzyl peroxide. The best way is to apply it at night when you go to bed because even though they might tell you that you can use it under makeup, it’s not ideal.

Very important……………..never pop your pimple! You’ll have a scar on your face and the makeup will not stick to it if it’s not dry.

Another thing, when you’re going through a phase with a lot of pimples, change your moisturizer. Use a light, oil-free version so you don’t encourage more pimples or prolong the life of the ones you already have.

Second step: camouflage


Begin by applying foundation all over the face. Pretend the pimple isn’t there and smooth on the product as usual. If you have skin which is prone to acne and you get undesirable visitors often on your face, try a liquid anti-acne foundation. This kind of foundation often contains salicylic acid which helps to keep pores unblocked. I like Almay Clear Complexion (around 12$CA). If not, use an oil-free foundation so that you don’t aggravate the situation.


Next, use a product to hide imperfections. This is like a concealer but contains ingredients that will dry up the pimple like salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. They’re available in all department stores or pharmacies. It’s very important that the above-mentioned product should be the same colour as your skin if you want a natural look. Too light and the pimple will be more apparent; too dark and you’ll see it from a long way off!

If it’s in pencil form, apply generously over the pimple. If it’s in cream form or if you’re using a creamy concealer, apply a generous quantity over the pimple and don’t touch it. Let it dry a little. If the product is too liquid, it will run when you try to blend it and it’ll only cover the surrounding area. Blend using your finger or a concealer brush with synthetic fibres (more accurate than your finger). When the product is half-dry, pat round the contour of the pimple (without touching the centre). If you rub it too much, you won’t have any product left on the pimple and you’ll have to start again. With the brush, blend outwards from the pimple so that the product blends in with the skin and doesn’t show any dividing lines.


It’s essential to use powder to seal the look. This will also bring harmony to your whole face. Choose a powder the same colour as your skin. If it’s too dark, it will stick to the areas where you’ve applied corrector and these areas will consequently be more apparent.

Begin with the pimple areas and use a latex powder applicator which will leave a greater quantity of powder. Finish with a large loose powder brush and sweep the powder over the whole face, taking care not to press too hard and remove the makeup you’ve already applied.

If your pimple is a rebellious little nuisance and you can still see it, apply a second layer of corrector, repeating the first steps and then powder again.

If you want to apply bronzing powder, don’t apply it where you’ve applied the camouflaging product for the same reason that you don’t want to apply a too-dark powder! Go lightly in the pimple area, the same goes for your blush if you don’t want your pimple to look pink! Now finish the rest of your makeup.

At night, cleanse your skin well and re-apply the spot treatment. You’ll get rid of that unwelcome enemy in a few days.

Third step: attract attention elsewhere

It’s practically impossible to completely camouflage a pimple. You can disguise it pretty well so that most people won’t see it but because it’s in 3D, it’ll always be visible from certain angles. Don’t worry, it’s always worse for the one who’s looking in the mirror than for the others, because don’t forget, you’re the only one who knows about it. And don’t start a conversation with “Please don’t look at my pimple”, try to attract attention elsewhere. Take advantage of this day to apply a great new lipstick or a touch of bright colour on your eyes. There are some highlighters like High Beam by Benefit (around 28$CA). Apply a little on your cheekbones, temples and cleavage to draw the attention to these areas.

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