How to apply concealer

Almost everybody has dark under-eye circles: this means that concealer is an essential tool in makeup. Badly-applied concealer can make you look worse so here are some tips and simple techniques that I use on my clients to camouflage their dark circles.

1) Select a concealer the same colour as your skin or half a tone lighter if your circles are very dark. If the concealer is too dark, your circles will look worse and if it’s too light, you’ll look as though you’re wearing too much makeup and the effect won’t be natural.

2) If you have wrinkles round your eyes, bags or dry skin, go for creamy textures in stick or cake form. Creamy textures melt into the skin better, don’t accentuate wrinkles and give a more natural-looking result.

3) Makeup artists believe that a good brush is your best ally when applying makeup so acquire a good concealer brush and you’ll find the process a lot easier. Suggestion: M.A.C Concealer brush #194. The brush is even more useful when using thicker- textured concealers like those in a pot.

How to apply concealer step 1

4) Begin by applying a very thin layer under the eye at the inner corner and extend downward to the cheek in a triangle shape. If you extend the concealer below the actual dark circle itself, you’ll avoid demarcation lines, especially if you have red cheeks and you’re not wearing any foundation. The triangle shape brightens up your look. Blend well, either with your fingers or a sponge so that the product melts into the skin. This layer should be as thin as possible.

How to apply concealer step 2

5) After applying the first layer, intensify the coverage in the dark areas. Apply 3 to 5 small dots of concealer with the brush (for more precision) on the darkest area starting from the inner corner of the eye, near the nose. If you have bags or puffiness, don’t put the dots on the most prominent area because if you do, you’ll accentuate your bags; apply the dots in the hollow area (under the bag), to lighten the darkest or shadowy part.

6) With the brush, a sponge or your little finger, pat lightly (never rub or wipe the concealer at this stage because this will take off the first layer and diminish the coverage) so that the product blends into your skin. Begin patting at the inner corner of the eye and go outwards. Repeat if the product has not penetrated.

7) If you need to, repeat steps 5 and 6 in certain areas where you need more coverage. Don’t apply it too thickly because you’ll get streaks or « false wrinkles ».

Now you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as if you’d slept for 12 hours!

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