The summer is finally arrived, but you still have the Snow White face? Bronzing powder is your perfect “secret weapon”.

But many people are reluctant to use bronzer/ bronzing powder because they think it will look unnatural and/or streaky. It’s all in the technique. Indeed if you use a too-dark colour all over your face without blending at the jaw line, the result will be far from natural. Here are a few tips from a pro for getting a nice natural suntanned look using a bronzer.

1) Choose a shade that matches your colouring.
For example, if you have very pale skin, choose a light-coloured bronzer.
2) Use a large soft brush with natural bristles. If the brush is too small or too-densely bristled, it will leave streaks..
3) Think about the areas of your face where you tan naturally: cheekbones, nose, area between the nose and cheeks, forehead and chin.
4) Dip your brush in the powder and shake it to get rid or excess. This again, to avoid streaks.
5) Now sweep it over the above-mentioned areas and then more lightly all over the face.
6) Blend the powder at the top of your neck and if you wish (this step is not essential if you have only used a small amount) apply a little on your cleavage if your outfit is appropriate. Watch out for light-coloured clothes! You can use this technique if you don’t want to have a dividing line between the face and the neck if your powder is darker. You can even apply it on your ears.
7) Don’t forget, use a little at a time. It’s easier to add more than to remove it!
Tip: Use the P technique: create the letter P from the centre of your face, forehead to chin an, then the curve of the P from the forehead to the nose over the cheekbone. Obviously the P will be backwards-facing on the other side! When you’ve done this, sweep the rest of the powder lightly over all the face so that you don’t get dividing lines.

If you want to apply it all over your face, apply it diagonally, starting at the temple and going down to the opposite jaw, then from the jaw to the opposite temple. This is the X technique. Then don’t forget to blend into the neckline so that you don’t get a dividing line (watch out for your clothes!) and apply a little on your ears.

Some makeup artists use the B technique. It’s the same as the P but they go over the jaw line. Personally I don’t like this technique because it creates a dividing line at the neck but it can be useful for people who don’t have a well-defined jaw line (such as a double chin, or saggy jowls). Ask for help if you want to try it.

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