Eyebrow shaping using the oriental threading technique

Here’s a new hair removal technique which is becoming more and more popular: Indian or oriental threading technique (eyebrow threading).

I first heard about this special technique while chatting with a colleague who had always had beautiful eyebrows. I asked her how she did it and she told me about this ancestral technique, practiced by Hindu women since time immemorial, but only recently becoming popular in Europe and North America.

If you’re interested in having it done, I suggest you see a specialist because this technique needs an experienced and skilled technician. You could do it yourself at home but you need a lot of practice and patience. And really, there’s nothing like seeing it done by an expert.

The results are so good and it’s so much more painless than other hair removal methods, that all the women I know who’ve tried it are so satisfied that they don’t want to go back to their old method.

How does it work?

Of course there’ nothing like seeing it done live but I’ll try to explain it briefly. Please look at the photo: a picture is worth a thousand words.

The specialist starts with a double length of quite strong, basic cotton thread. She holds one end in her hand and the other end in her teeth, then twists it to make it tight. The torsion of the threads pulls out the hair at the root as with plucking.

Here’s a way to do it; tie a knot in a length of thread so as to form a lasso. Place two fingers in the whole to create a tight rectangle. Then turn the wrists so that the threads cross in the centre and form two triangles. After about a dozen twists, you’ll have your hair removal instrument. By moving your fingers, you create a tightly twisted thread that traps the hairs and pulls them out easily.

The advantages of this method

The surprising thing is that this method is the least painful, except for shaving of course, but that’s not real hair removal. So it’s ideal for sensitive areas.

The other advantage is that the threads pull out the hairs so efficiently that they really come out at the root and will grow back more slowly. If you have it done every two weeks for a few years, the hairs will stop growing with time. The only disadvantage is that the hair must be longer than with a regular tweezing method so you have to wait a little longer between sessions.

This technique is precise, gentle, natural, quick and efficient. Gentle, because it doesn’t irritate the skin, doesn’t cause a red rash and is painless. Precise, because you can target small areas such as eyebrows, chin and moustache (even the body, though not the bikini line). Natural, because you don’t need any chemicals, heat, or other products which could be harmful to some people. Quick, because you can pull out several hairs at once, unlike plucking or electrolysis. Efficient because the hairs weaken with time.

This method is becoming more and more popular; it’s used by some celebrities and it’s getting easier to find practitioners, at least in large cities.

Eyebrow Threading: why not give it a try?

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