Do you know about argan oil, the precious beauty oil with countless virtues?

Advantages and properties

This oil has so many qualities that you could almost call it a magic potion or elixir! Berber women have used it for centuries because it’s rich in Omega-6, sterols, polyphenols, vitamin E, natural peptides and antioxidants.

Extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, native to Morocco, it’s mainly known for its nourishing, hydrating, softening, regenerating, antioxidant, and restructuring properties. It reconstitutes the skin’s protective outer layer, nourishes cells and gives it a youthful boost.

It’s used both on the skin and the hair and is ideal for fighting eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, dehydrated skin, skin aging, acne, cracks, burns, rashes, scars, stretch marks, red patches, nails, joint pain etc.

Since it’s an oil, why does it help with acne? Argan oil reduces the production of sebum through the sebaceous glands which helps to control the oiliness of the skin and thus causes fewer pimples.

Why choose argan oil rather than almond oil for stretch marks? Though they both have similar skin-firming and elasticity-maintaining properties, argan oil contains three times as many antioxidants so it’s ideal for combating free radicals, an advantage that can’t be ignored.

How do you use it?

On the skin: massage gently using circular movements to let the oil penetrate, insisting on dry areas. You can use it on both the face and body. Your skin will be radiant and luminous.

On your nails: soak your nails in a bowl of argan oil for 15 minutes once a week.

In your hair: apply it all over the hair and leave it for 30minutes before shampooing and rinsing. You can also use it as a sunscreen for your hair or as protection against salt water or chlorine. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and smooth it onto your hair from root to tip. You can also use small amounts to add shine when styling.

What should I buy?

Go for pure 100% argan oil and steer clear of blends that often contain too little. This doesn’t mean that oils or other products containing argan oil are not good products, but if you wish to get maximum benefit from argan oil’s unique properties, invest in the real thing!

Is it expensive?

Well yes, it’s quite expensive compared to other types of oil but there’s a reason for it. It takes 8 hours of work to extract each litre of oil: extraction is a long and arduous process.

Those Moroccan women have kept the secret long enough! Now it’s our turn!

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