As a makeup artist, I often see makeup mistakes and I can’t always go and see the person to give my advice. So I’m taking advantage of this blog to give you a list of some of the things you should NEVER do. The list is divided in three sections: complexion, eyes, and lips.


Complexion mistake #1

Using a darker foundation than your skin to give yourself some « colour ».

By doing this, you’ll create a dividing line between the face and the neck which will consequently make you look older.
What should you do instead? If you want to heighten your skin colour, choose a foundation the same colour as your skin and add a touch of bronzing powder (on forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, décolleté). You’ll get a much more natural look.

Complexion mistake #2

Using a pink-toned foundation to get a healthy look when you have a golden complexion.

The result will be the same as with a dark foundation. The pinkish tone will create a dividing line, because your neck and décolleté are gold-toned.
It’s essential to know your skin colour (warm or cool). Ask a beauty advisor to help you determine which category you fall in. To find out, you simply have to try a few shades on your jaw line.
What should you do instead? If you’re going for a healthy glow, choose an apricot or bronze-coloured powder and keep the pink for your cheeks and temples only.

Complexion mistake #3

Using too much powder on top of liquid foundation.

Too much powder will give you a chalky look and will make you look older by accentuating your wrinkles.
What should you do instead? If your foundation tends to wear off too quickly, you should change your foundation rather than applying endless powder. Maybe your foundation is not right for your skin type? There are some long-wearing formulas such as Infaillible by L’Oréal or Double Wear by Estée Lauder
Apply loose powder with a large brush rather than the puff; you’ll get a lighter covering on the skin.

Complexion mistake #4

Using pearly blush if you have wrinkles.

Pearly blush accentuates imperfections because it reflects light and it’ll also emphasise your wrinkles.
What should you do instead? Choose more flattering matte colours.

Complexion mistake #5

Applying makeup without using moisturizer first.

If you apply makeup directly on the skin, it can cause breakouts and even premature ageing because there’s no protective barrier. It’s no use trying to camouflage bad skin in this way.
What should you do instead? If you only have 2 minutes in the morning, you’d do better to apply a skin-care product and an eye contour cream rather than makeup.


Eye mistake #1

Matching your eye shadow to the colour of your eyes.

Some people do this, mistakenly thinking that they’ll bring out the colour of their eyes but in fact, the result will be the opposite. Your eyes will look dull.
What should you do instead? Choose complementary colours.

Eye mistake #2

Lining only underneath the eye.

This will give you a droopy, tired look and will accentuate dark under-eye circles.
What should you do instead? Apply eye pencil on the upper lid FIRST. If you wish to apply it underneath, draw a fine line and smudge it. If you’re in a hurry, use kohl on the inner lid. If you have big eyes, don’t use eyeliner underneath the eye. You’ll look like a fish! Kohl will be much more flattering for you. However, if you have small eyes, you should avoid kohl.

Eye mistake #3

Applying dark eyeshadow on the mobile lid if you have droopy or domed upper eyelids.

With this type of makeup, your eyes will look small and piggy.
What should you do instead? Apply a light, luminous shadow on the mobile lid and accentuate the hollow under the brow bone with dark shadow, drawing it upwards towards the domed area. This way, you’ll have a balanced look.

Eye mistake #4

Using bright coloured eye shadow with no other makeup.

You’ll look as tired as if you had not worn any makeup at all.
What should you do instead? If you’re in a rush, mascara is your best friend. It opens up the eyes and makes them stand out.
In order of importance: Mascara, eye pencil, gloss or lipstick, blush, eye shadow.

Eye mistake #5

Using pearly shadow if you have mature eyes.

The same goes for pearly blush!
What should you do instead? Use a matte or velvety finish.

Eye mistake #6

Applying a bright colour from the roots of the lashes to the eyebrow.

I often see this mistake with certain older people who seem to like blue eye shadow. Firstly, mature ladies should avoid this colour, because it’s not flattering and is ageing. What’s more, you should never apply bright colors near the eyebrow.
What should you do instead? Experienced women should go for neutral earth tones and concentrate colour on their lips. For the brow bone area, you should only use colours in the beige range (white to peach). Bright colours should only be applied on the mobile lid or in the outer eye corner.


Lip mistake #1

Lining the lips with a pencil darker than your lipstick.

This look is old-fashioned and should be avoided.
What should you do instead? The lip liner should be the same colour as the lipstick or just one shade darker.

Lip mistake #2

Wearing a very pale lipstick if you’re pale and don’t wear any other makeup.

You’ll certainly look ill and tired.
What to do instead? Pale lipstick is nice if you’re wearing pronounced eye makeup and/or if you’re suntanned. But if not, pick a more brightly-coloured gloss or lipstick, makeup your eyes first or apply a powder bronzer.

Lip mistake #3

Using a dark lipstick ( like burgundy, red or dark brown) if you have thin lips.
Many people think that dark colours will be more visible and therefore their lips will stand out. But in fact this will produce the opposite effect. Your lips will look even thinner! Dark colours don’t reflect light which means that they eye sees them as further away. This is a basic principle in makeup: light colours advance and dark colours retreat. That’s the way that makeup artists correct facial flaws.
What should you do instead? Choose luminous or pearly colours.

Lip mistake #4

Lining your lips outside their natural contour to make them look plumper.

If you go more than 5 millimeters outside your natural line, everybody will be able to see that you’ve cheated and the effect will look really artificial. It’ll look like a fruit juice moustache!
What should you do instead? Don’t go beyond 3 millimeters outside your natural line. Wear a pearly or frosty lipstick and top with a touch of gloss.

The moral; makeup should flatter you, not make you look worse!
Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions on this blog if you’re in doubt about any of your makeup techniques. I’ll be happy to enlighten you!

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