Spray Tan

Getting a spray tan is really « in » at the moment. It’s gradually replacing tanning salons whose popularity has gone down because of the ageing effects of sunlamps on the skin (and the skin cancer rate is increasing each year…).

I decided to talk to you about it today because spring is coming and you might be tempted to go for a few tanning sessions in a salon. Please read this article before you go: it might save you from getting skin cancer!

The spray tan is ideal for weddings or for the prom. But you can use it for any occasion. The techniques have improved a lot and the results are now really natural-looking.

Many people think that a spray tan will give you an orange look. That was true before but with new products on the market, that’s changed.

Here’s what you should know about it.

In fact, the spray tan is basically a simple process; a sunless tanner (self tanner) is sprayed onto your face and body using an even mist so that you get a uniform result. The equipment is improving all the time and the mist is now so fine that it leaves a thin veil of product, giving a more natural look.

The product technology has also evolved. The formula now contains new ingredients and the colour obtained is golden rather than orange.

You can get a spray tan in a specialised salon where a trained technician will spray the product all over you. Or you can use an automatic cubicle where the spray is applied mechanically. I much prefer the first method but it’s essential that the person doing it has some experience.

The price can vary a lot. It’s between 30$ and 70$ on average. I don’t know the price in Euros but it’s probably proportional if you convert the currency.

I watched a manual demonstration given by a technician from the biggest spray tan company in the United Kingdom: Fake Bake.
The application takes a maximum 15 minutes. The session takes place in a tent specially designed to protect the exterior environment. You remain standing throughout the session for a uniform tan over the whole body. It would be impossible if you were lying down.

There are two shades of spray tan: natural and dark. So you can get the colour that’s right for you..
You wear Brazilian-style panties and a disposable bra if you want. They also stick cloth soles under your feet so that you don’t get sandal marks.

First of all, you get a complete exfoliation and then they moisturise dry areas with a special oil which prevents your tan from getting too dark on areas such as feet, hands, knees and elbows.

The technician then sprays the product with a special gun and she can accentuate certain areas if you so wish. This is the big advantage over the automatic method. If you want you legs to have a deeper tan, she can concentrate on this area.
You have to remain standing a few minutes while you wait for the product to dry, then you can get dressed.

The spray tan lasts longer than the usual self-tanning products. In general, they say twice as long, so about two weeks.
And because a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a YouTube video of Fake Bake.

You’ll see that the result is amazing. You’ll look like you’ve just returned from a vacation! What’s more, it’s instantaneous. No need to wait several days as with a self-tan product or several weeks as with real sunbathing.

So why risk getting skin cancer or a wrinkled face in a regular tanning salon? Spray tan is ideal for all those special occasions.

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