There are many techniques for camouflaging facial scars; so here are just a few, plus some professional tips for a great-looking complexion.

1) Begin by applying a matte foundation with a high level of coverage all over the face. It’s important to use a shade of foundation that matches your skin colour exactly.

2) If the scar is hollow (like an acne scar), use a small brush and fill in the hollow with a heavily pigmented, covering concealer/corrector one shade lighter than your skin. It’s important not to go outside the hollow area.

Next, with the same brush, apply a concealer/corrector, one shade darker than your skin, around the scar.
Don’t blend in the product when you apply it, wait a few seconds to let it dry slightly and then pat lightly with the finger, avoiding a lateral movement. Don’t wipe it because you’ll remove some of the product and the two shades won’t be in the right place.

3) If the scar is swollen, do the opposite: apply the darker concealer on the scar and the lighter shade around it.

This is a basic makeup technique: to the naked eye, light shades stand out more than dark shades. Using this technique for the scar, you create an optical illusion which diminishes the appearance of the scar. Obviously you’ll need a little practice but once you master it, this technique gives great results.

4) If your scar is red, you could add a green corrector to your concealer. Many companies have their own version. Green is the complementary colour of red so one cancels the other out.

5) Apply a loose mineral powder over the whole thing (either with a large brush or a puff) to give a uniform look. Loose mineral powder helps to camouflage imperfections.

6) You can also get corrector pens or pencils. They give the same effect as a concealer but are easier to use because they’re more accurate. Suggestion: Concealer and lip contour pencil by Makeup Forever. As it’s a double-ended pencil with two colours, you don’t need to buy two. Price: around 13€ / 20$CA.

7) Avoid using blush over your scar when you’ve applied the concealer. You could undo all the good work and make the scar even more apparent.

8) Be careful: don’t apply makeup on a scar that’s not healed yet. You should wait till it’s completely healed.

You can also use this method to camouflage a scar anywhere else on the body or for obvious stretch marks.

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